Lancer chilli pepper seeds and plants - 6 seeds per packet


The Lancer chilli is an excellent example of a chilli variety for drying and creating your own chilli powder- if that's your bag. This is a versatile and vibrant chilli which grows to 90cm (3ft) if grown in a large pot or greenhouse but will also make neat 45cm (18in) tall plants if grown in a 2 litre pot, so ideal for fitting on a kitchen windowsill. Like I always tell people, the bigger the pot the larger the plant will be.


Lancer chilli plantThe Lancer chilli keeps on growing and sometimes fruits throughout the winter and it's so easy to harvest. Indeed, we have successfully grown Lancers at Christmas time though I have never yet tried to overwinter one. Pull the fruit with your fingers and it slips off the plant when ripe. Be sure to wash your hands after picking though or you could feel pain in unexpected places.


The Lancer has a smoky flavour & is delicious chopped raw and prepared for drying and storing long term as a ground powder. It is simple and easy to apply to dishes such as chilli con carne. Please remember that both drying and/or freezing any chillies makes them a tad hotter.


These are great chillies for using fresh in cooking as the smoky flavour of Lancer enhances fried or braised mushrooms, and they can be used wherever a dry smoky flavour is appropriate.

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