Hot Thai chilli pepper plants and seeds


Hot Thai chillies form a bushy, compact plant which produces small chillies with real bite and they are ideal for growing indoors which stops you trekking down the garden on a wet day. It's great to grow these chillies as not only are the individual fruits bright and attractive, they're easily harvestable for chopping and adding to tomato sauces to enhance flavour. Hot Thai chilli fruits

You can sow the seeds for these little chaps inside really early in the year but just add a little protection to them while at seedling stage to guard them against any late frosts and they'll grow strong and compact. An electric propagator is the finest method of germinating these seeds.


Hot Thai chilli pepper plants are are ideal for growing containers in greenhouses, for growing on a sunny windowsill or outdoors during hot spells in summer, though that latter depends entirely on where you live. Here in the Midlands I would advise against it but you may have more favourable growing conditions further south.

You can dry chillies too to keep your supplies going over winter and they become even punchier in flavour. For some reason both drying chilli fruits and freezing them makes them hotter - please don't ask me why!

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