Habanero, Paper Lantern chilli seeds - 10 seeds per packet


The Paper Lantern chilli is a thin skinned Habanero type with fruits between  3"-4" going from a lime green colour through to orange and finally to a deep red when completely ripe.


Chilli pepper Paper LanternThese are more productive than other Habaneros but are just as hot, and maybe more so, having been tested at up to 450,000 SHU's. However, in the UK we cannot reproduce the growing conditions of the native plants so yours (and mine) are more likely to be circa 300,000 to350,000 SHU. They make a bushy, ornamental plant with clusters of emerald green, crumpled teardrop chilli pods.


However, don't be taken in by their looks as these chillies are still extremely hot SHU's, and more than hot enough for most people. The Paper Lantern is considerably hotter than the Scotch Bonnet chillies but is not as well known. It is also one of the first to germinate, followed closely by the Chilli Inferno.


The Paper Lantern grows really well in pots though we have to stress again that for maximum fruiting they should be grown inside a greenhouse or a sunny windowsill, and though the plastic zip together greenhouses are excellent, most people leave them open to the elements in the daytime and this impedes growth and the amount of fruit produced.They really need as stable a temperature as possible.

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