Growing Prairie Fire Chillies and seeds


We grow Prairie Fire Chillies from seeds which produce small, bushy plants with exceptionally potent fruits. Call it heat or call it flavour, these little chaps have it all, and they are so prolific that one plant will keep a normal family going throughout the year with hundreds of small, fiery chilli peppers reaching the 80,000 SHU mark which is suitable for most people.

Growing Prairie Fire Chillies from seed is easy and you start them off in the normal way - one seed per module in a seed tray of soil or good compost - I personally always use compost as it is far more sterile than soil.

After germination keep them in the usual place - a sunny windowsill or greenhouse but we don't really advise growing them outside on the patio if you want a decent crop. Do that and you are at the mercy of the weather and your crop will be half of what it should be.

Prairie Fire chillies

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You will need to re-pot twice and the final pot should be in the region of 6 to 7 inches across at the top with a depth of around the same at least. The root system is quite extensive for such a small plant and, therefore, needs all the space it can get to gather moisture from its surroundings.


Prairie Fire is a small plant roughly 8 to 12 inches in height with a spread of around 30 cm. They are cute little plants and highly decorative with a long growing season - I normally start them off in late January and we have occasionally picked the last fruits in mid December.

If you are buying seeds you should be able to get a packet of 20 for roughly £3.  

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