Growing Joe's Long Cayenne chilli seeds


Joe's Long chilli Cayenne is a medium hot chilli whose pods can and do grow to circa 10" when ripe. The plants, which were originally brought from Italy, are also very prolific so they represent excellent value for money.The Joe's long is an easy chilli to grow from seed.

When I said these are medium hot, they are in fact around the 20,000 SHU mark on the Scoville Scale which is the benchmark for measuring the heat of chillies. That may sound a lot but is nothing compared to the Naga varieties which hover just over the 1 million SHU mark. These shouldn't burn your tongue at all.Joe's Long cayenne chillies

What do they cost? Well roughly a couple of £'s for a seedling and about the same for a pack of 10 seeds.

Growing Joe's Long chillies from seed

Start the seeds off individually in a seed tray of moist compost. Pop your seeds in carefully and not very deeply, then cover with a further thin layer of moist compost. If you have a propagator then pop the whole lot in there but if not then put them in a sunny position such as a windowsill and cover them with a clear layer of insulation - I often use bubble wrap.

When the seeds have germinated you can move them to 3" pots of compost but make sure these tender seedlings are still kept warm with plenty of light.

Later when your plants have grown a little put them into larger pots - I use 9" pots for Joe's Long because they can grow up to 4 feet tall.


A final note: Seed companies will say you can grow these plants outside, and so you can but your crop will be roughly 50% less than plants which are kept inside

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