Basket of Fire Chilli seeds


Well you can sow Basket of Fire seeds a tad later than most, February to April, or so the seed companies say, but I always think that when seed companies say things like that they have no conception of what the weather can be like in mid Derbyshire around that time, well I can tell you that it can be horrendous! Cold, wet and suicidally cold, so what chance have the poor plants got?


That apart then, sow the seeds, in clean trays of firm pre watered compost, cover with 5 CM of vermiculite or sieved compost. Place in warmth 15-20C (60-70F) and keep moist at all times if possible. If you cannot give them that amount of heat then they will take far longer to germinate and you will lose up to 50% of your plants.Basket of Fire chilli plant



























Grow them as normal on a sunny windowsill or in your greenhouse or conservatory and give them some insulation too just in case.


When the seedlings are large enough to handle transfer them into 3 inch pots and then into larger as the plants grow. My mature Basket of Fire plants are now in 9 inch pots.


Basket of Fire chillies live up to their name as they are hot and fiery! Compact plants which produce an extremely high number of fruits about 1 inch long. They has good cold tolerance resulting in a longer cropping time. The trailing habit makes it a good choice for containers and hanging baskets. *** This is what seed companies tell you but please read my note below


When your plants mature you should be able to harvest the fruits about August to October but most years we are picking chillies in the last week or two before Christmas.


Feed your plants on a regular basis as soon as they start to produce chillies, but be careful about placing them out on a patio, sunny or not because I can tell you now they your crop will be far, far less that from the plants kept inside.

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