Chilli Heat Scale - how hot are your chillies


The list below is a pretty fair guide as to the heat value of popular chilli pepper pods (the ripe fruit produced by the chillies plant.

You feel the heat from chillies because they contain a chemical called capsaicin which stimulates the nerve endings in the mucous membranes, making them taste hot. Some are hotter than others though and there are growers out there whose sole ambition is to grow the hottest chilli in the world, so how hot are your chillis?

We don't have details of anything hotter than the Naga Jolokia which registers around 1,100,000 on the Scoville Scale. Personally I can't see the point of eating something as hot as the Naga, a chilli which is so hot it numbs the brain and ruins your taste buds for hours, but each to our own so long as you enjoy it.


Heat rating Chilli seed varieties
Atomic! Chilli Pepper Naga Jolokia
Scorching Chilli Pepper Prairie Fire
Scorching Chilli Pepper Tropical Heat (inc Scotch Bonnet)
Very Hot Chilli Pepper Demon Red
Very Hot Chilli Pepper Pinochio's Nose
Very Hot Chilli Pepper Tobasco
Hot Chilli Pepper Heatwave
Hot Chilli Pepper Inferno
Hot Chilli Pepper Summer Heat (Jalapeno)
Warm Chilli Pepper Meek & Mild