Chilli Pepper Pot Black seeds


From the seeds of this superb British bred chilli pepper spring the beautiful Pot Black plants with their black tinted leaves which make a talking point for you and your visitors when they come to visit. The Pot Black plants produce striking purple coloured flowers and very spicy black fruits about 2.5cm (1") long which ripen Chilli Pepper Pot Black to a vibrant red. The Scoville rating is approximately 45,000.

A compact chili variety, ideal for container growing. Fantastic black leaves and a profusion of attractive purple flowers. Small edible fruits typically 3-4cm in length. Extremely hot fruits. Makes a striking plant sales item.

Chilli Pepper Pot Black seedsChilli Pepper 'Pot Black' makes a superb ornamental plant for the patio or windowsill, producing medium-hot chillies with a wonderful intense flavour, which will pack a punch in a variety of dishes. Height: 50cm (20"). Spread: 40cm (16").

The Pot Black is half hardy and loves to grow in full sun. We place this chilli firmly in the medium/hot category, but if you are looking for a plant which not only looks good but gives you a punch as well then this could be the one for you.

Germination takes between 7 - 14 days Indoors, preferably in a propagator, and reaches maturity in 90 - 100 days.

The Chilli Pepper Pot Black is ideal for growing in pots for your lounge or conservatory windows.

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