Chilli pepper Padron - 10 Padron seeds per packet


Chilli Pepper PadronEnjoy the taste of this Spanish Tapas Pepper picked fresh from your own plant. Chilli Pepper 'Padron' is variable in heat but ideally picked small and green for the lowest levels of heat. As the chillies get larger and mature to red, the heat increases. Chilli Pepper 'Padron' is excellent added to stir fries, stuffed or grilled. Height: 50cm (20"). Spread: 40cm (16").

This traditional famous Spanish 'Tapas' chilli pepper usually fried in olive oil and sea salt, it is also known as 'Pimientos de Padron'. It is a celebrated speciality of the town of Padron, so much so that they have an annual festival in its honour.

The Pardon is a great all round chilli to have in the kitchen as it is a medium-sized, bushy plant with medium to long flat, conical light green fruits, turning red when ripe. Meaty and very tasty, in fact a classic Tapas variety from Galicia in Spain, pan fried in olive oil, sea salt and served with beer, what could be better!

Peppers are a vital part of the cooking for so many dishes.  Best crops will be achieved in a greenhouse, but smaller, later crops can be produced when grown in a sunny sheltered location outdoors - if your local weather is suitable.  Some dwarf varieties are ideal for growing in pots on the patio.

Sow Padron seeds in February, March or April April

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