Chilli Pepper Loco F1 Hybrid


The Chilli Pepper Loco is an eye-catching British bred, half-hardy RHS AGM variety which produces masses of small purple fruits that ripen to fiery red. The oval shaped fruits are carried above the foliage, on compact, well branched plants.

Chilli Pepper LocoThe colourful fruits of the Loco have a moderate heat that is just spicy enough to add a kick to your cooking. Chilli Pepper Loco makes a fabulous 'ornamental edible' for a sunny windowsill, patio container or greenhouse crop.

Height: 30cm (12"). Spread: 40cm (16").


Chilli pepper Loco fruits are medium hot, and change from a lilac purple to orange and then red as they mature. The plants have a neat, slightly cascading growth habit that makes them ideal for growing unsupported in larger pots.

The chilli pepper Loco is an easy plant to grow and you can sow the seeds (6 seeds per packet) from mid February to mid April. Loco plants love a place in the full sun but we advise caution if you want to plant outside as doing that will at least half the crop you hope to receive unless you have a nice, sheltered place in the south of the country where it isn't too draughty.

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