Chilli Pepper Krakatoa F1 hybrid seeds - 6 seeds per packet


Chilli pepper Krakatoa is termed as an ideal 'ornamental edible' because it is a pretty plant which is well at home in a pot on your windowsill for you to pick and eat as and when you like. Sow the Krakatoa seeds as usual and you will find that this is an easy plant to grow, in fact, we don't think you will use all of the 6 seeds you receive in your packet - they are that easy!Chilli Pepper Krakatoa F1 seeds


Chilli pepper Krakatoa is a compact plant with Tabasco type fruits. Krakatoa produces masses of fiery, upright, pale green chillies, turning vivid red throughout the summer. Fruits can be used fresh or dried and ground for seasoning. This is a great chilli for the kitchen window sill for plucking one off when needed. Very hot when ripe!