Chilli Pepper Hot Lemon - 10 seeds per packet


Sowing time for chilli pepper Hot Lemon seeds is between the middle of February to the middle of April and this particular chilli is early to flower and for it's fruit to set, those unique lemon flavoured, and lemon coloured fruits which make a unique combination. If you managed to sow early enough then you could be in line to harvest from the middle of June onwards.

Chilli Pepper Hot LemonChilli Pepper Hot Lemon is a "one off" chilli in that its flavour is as hot as a cayenne, and yet it has a distinctly tarty citrus taste - as the name implies. This is a particularly productive chili plant, producing an abundance of 5-6cm bright yellow chillies which hang down in stunning contrast to the green foliage.

Briefly then, this is a very hot chilli lemon flavoured and scented chili pepper, suitable for drying and freezing, green fruits up to 5cm long mature to yellow.

Plants are of medium height - approximately 45cm (18 inches) - and have a branching habit. Chilli Pepper Hot Lemon is best used fresh in tangy salsas, but will add a sensational taste to cooked dishes and sauces too.

The Hot Lemon is a half-hardy annual which has a liking for sunny places so if you can place it in the full sun it will reward you with a prodigious crop.

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