Chilli Pepper Fuego, a hot F1 Hybrid with 20 Italian seeds per packet


The Chilli Pepper Fuego seeds can be sown from early January until the end of April and you should be able to harvest between July and October. However, we always grow our chillies inside the house or the greenhouse and are regularly picking fruits in the run up to the Christmas period.


Chilli pepper FuegoThis hot Cayenne pepper produces tapering, 15cm (6") long fruits, which turn from green to fiery red as they ripen. With a compact, upright habit and short internodes, Chilli Pepper Fuego is ideal for growing in grow bags or containers on the patio, in your greenhouse or conservatory.

The half-hardy Fuego Chilli RHS AGM variety produces abundant crops if picked regularly throughout the summer and is a lover of sunny placements.

Height: 50cm (20"). Spread: 40cm (16").