Chilli Pepper Demon Red - 8 seeds per packet


Chilli Pepper Demon Red produces small (1-2cm) upward facing, extremely hot chilli pepper fruits throughout the summer. This dwarf variety was specially bred for growing on a windowsill or in patio containers, where it makes an attractive plant for edible or ornamental use. This compact RHS AGM variety produces prolific yields, grown indoors or outside. Height and spread: 35cm (14").

Chilli Pepper Demon RedThe Demon Red chilli is certainly the one to grow if space is at a premium as this half hardy plant is ideal for patio, greenhouse or conservatory and it loves being placed in full sun.

Chillies are best grown in fresh compost in either grow bags or pots. If you dare then this chilli will pack a punch in any chilli or curry. It's also delicious pickled or used in a chilli jam. It can be eaten raw or cooked, but beware, the Demon Red is seriously hot at about 40,000 SCU's.

The Demon Red chilli originated in Mexico and it's fruits mature from late August when a single plant is easily capable for producing 100 or more pods. The fruits are ideal for adding to all dishes. The fruit is thin-skinned, making it easy to dry as well.

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