Chilli Pepper Cheyenne seeds - 6 seeds per packet


The chilli pepper Cheyenne, an F1 Hybrid half-hardy annual, is an early ripening variety which produces masses of medium sized fruits. The mature plant makes an attractive feature when planted in containers Chilli Pepper Cheyenneon the patio or in the conservatory and  produces prolific fruiting throughout the Summer season.

The chilli pepper Cheyenne produces more than enough fruits for you to dry some and extract the seeds for growing your own next season.


Height and spread: 45cm (18").


We don't always agree with the large seed companies when they mention planting chillies "outside" or "on the patio" as we have found in the past that  when planted outside they might look superb but the crop of fruits you receive at the end of the season will be roughly half that of plants grown inside.


The above really means that growing outside successfully depends entirely on where you live and how warm your location is. Certainly here in Derbyshire I would never dream of planting the chilli pepper Cheyenne anywhere other than in our conservatory or greenhouse as we can have a sudden frost any month of the year.
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