Chilli Pepper Bishops Crown - 8 seeds per packet


Chilli Pepper Bishops CrownChilli pepper Bishops Crown is a half-hardy annual with a mild and fruity taste, unusually shaped fruits which altogether makes them rather attractive branching plants which makes them a very pretty additional talking point if added to your conservatory. In fact, with their unusual spinning top-like shape, these Bishop's Crown chilli peppers will make a real statement wherever you choose to grow them.

And they taste good too as their thin, crisp flesh lends itself perfectly fresh salsas and also to stuffing and baking. The flavour is spicy, but almost fruity, with a comfortable level of heat. Although sometimes slow to mature, these chili plants will set plenty of peppers throughout the growing season.

Bishop's Crown chili pepper plants are tall with a branching habit and so they will need some cane support whilst growing. Peppers are 7cm (2.8") wide and 3cm (1.2") deep with an intriguing three-cornered shape. Their attractive colouring varies from mid-green to orange-red to a rich, dark red.

Height: 75cm (30"). Spread: 50cm (20").

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