Caldero chillies, seeds and plug plants


The chilli pepper Caldero plant is a very compact hybrid Santa Fe type circa 45-60cm tall, with uniform conical shaped, glossy fruits.Being a compact plant makes this an ideal variety for pots, and warm patio.


NB: Growing chillies on patios might sound a good idea but whether they produce any fruit at all depends entirely on your local climate. Certainly here in Derbyshire you may not have much joy in growing outside whereas in the south your plants may fare quite well.Caldero chilli plant

Caldero ripens from a creamy yellow to orange and then red at maturity and this makes it an extremely attractive variety. SHU (Scoville heat units) vary between 1,000 to 5,000 units which is considered to be mild.


When sowing your seeds in either compost or coir growing pouches make sure you only bury them 2 or 3 mm deep. The reason for this is that chilli seeds don't have the strength to fight their way to the surface if they are much deeper.

Grow your Caldero chillies the same as you would any other and sow your seeds early (late Jan to early March), preferably in a heated propagator. You can pop the seeds in some damp compost on a sunny window sill if you don't have a propagator. Keep the seeds damp but not waterlogged.


When your seedlings emerge we suggest that you keep them out of draughts as they are very tender at that stage

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