Bhut Jolokia Red


The Bhut Jolokia is another from the red hot Jolokia stable, in this case red but the same family and heat value as the Chocolate Jolokia, the Bhut Jolokia White Heat and around the same heat value as the Trinidad 7 pot which we are growing this year in one colour or another.

Bhut Naga Jolokia


Yes, the Bhut Jolokia was the hottest in the world once upon a time but was overtaken by the Trinidad Scorpion, then the California Reaper and now the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion in the present day.


In it's time this fearsomely hot chilli officially topped the tests at 1,001,304 (very precise aren't they?) and became the world champion, apparently costing the chap who grew this monster a considerable amount of money.


Bhut Jolokia red, Norfolk Naga 2106


It is said that the Bhut Jolokia has a fresh, citrusy flavour making it ideal for some special spicy dishes. Just how on earth anyone can comment on the taste and flavour after eating one of these amazes me!

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