Log Cabin Garden Offices

More and more people are deciding to work from home these days, and not just the self employed. There are several upsides to this arrangement such as the cost and time in not having to travel every day - something which is ever more expensive & stressful - but if you don't have a spare room to work in the best option is to have a garden office.


Our sponsors have a large range of standard sized offices and they can make an office or garden house to your specifications, from 2 metre single rooms to large multi room offices or large open plan spaces. Garden OfficeAll they need are the dimensions and it will be priced accordingly. There are no surcharges made for unique designs as you are simply charged according to how much wood is used in the production process.


The Garden Office suite

Wooden Garden Offices are not the only products on sale here as they start with buildings as simple as small sheds, saunas with benches and double glazed doors and right up to the far larger 700 sq. ft five roomed structures with double glazed windows which can be used as a garden office, summer house, granny annexe, or holiday home habitable all year round. Perfect office space, as it opens out onto a veranda or to decking.

The garden office offers a superb opportunity for you to work or run a business from home, at the same time providing inexpensive yet comfortable office accommodation with minimum fuss, thus keeping your business and home spaces separate.

At nearly 6 metres by 5 metres this multi use building design can be placed wherever it suits you best and with two sets of double glazed French doors it offers a stylish double glazed panoramic view.