Granny annexe in the garden


We live on an over populated island in houses where space is becoming more and more limited, where rooms are made smaller and where we may have an elderly relative needing accommodation, or children of a certain age who need more living space. Could a granny annexe in the garden solve the problem?


Moving house is an inappropriate and short term option so a garden granny annexe would fit the bill quite nicely in most cases. Depending on what your requirements are it could prove to be a sound investment as well as solving the problem of space in your home.

Garden granny annexeA self-contained granny annexe in the garden is not only cost-effective, it will look great as well, and it is also a quick and Eco friendly solution to creating an extra home.


We also appreciate that care costs for the elderly are outrageously high and can easily amount to 1 K per week in many parts of the country, a figure which makes our professionally built log rooms an absolute bargain.


Due to our unique designs most of our annexe buildings do not need planning approval, call us and we will tell you all about it.
Self contained garden granny annexe

Affordability is a huge and growing concern to many families whose needs for extra space are expanding beyond their previous expectations. So, in these cases a garden annexe can be the perfect solution to this increasingly modern day problem.