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Introducing Pam, Lisa and Art who all contribute to Art's Garden in some way or another according to the time available. We have roughly just under half an acre here though not all of it is used for growing crops and flowers by any means. I was 68 in May 2015, Lisa is in her 30's and Pam would kill me if I told you her age!


Art (site owner)


Pam and Lisa

Pam & Lisa

We call it Art's Garden but in fact it is the family garden into which we invest our time and labour according to how much free time we have when the occasion demands. This is not a profit making enterprise in any way though we do give away an enormous amount of spare vegetables to our friends and neighbours.




Sometimes we wonder if this is truly appreciated because only Dave & Mave (close neighbours) reciprocate in any way, and as the years roll on the thought that we are mugs to do this works its way to the forefront of our minds year by year, and it has crossed our minds that our spare produce could go to a local charity for them to distribute it, so probably that?s what we will do this season.

It was my/our love of gardening in general, and our garden here in particular which persuaded me to set up this website as it is the ideal retreat and working in it is very therapeutic.

What is our garden really like? Well we bought this house on the strength of it having such a large patch of ground to be developed for growing vegetables. The previous owners had 5 boys who treated it at a football pitch so it took some digging over the first time and no mistake!

We are on the outskirts of Chesterfield in Derbyshire, and the whole area is built on clay so after the first unsuccessful years crop we built raised beds and replaced the soil with some good stuff and as much composted material as we could find or buy.

Consequently the result has been astounding crops ever after, and should be for the future providing we look after it and add in some compo at the end of every growing season. We look upon ourselves more as caretakers of this wonderful patch of earth and trees because inevitably it will have to be passed on to others as we age further and become unable to work it properly, though hopefully that will be a long time yet!