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We are based in the middle of Derbyshire and have a large garden which provides vegetables for more and more of our neighbours every year. What they would do without us God only knows.


To get in touch please email art@artsgardenideas.co.uk 




text me on 0743 4123 250


Please do not leave voicemail because I can't retrieve it. Please text rather than call because I have an acute hearing problem. However, I will get back to you asap



How it all started


I am a self taught gardener who got into vegetable gardening as a hobby in the 1990's, but as time went on the hobby became a passion which was the main reason we moved to our present house which has a huge garden.


Art Johnstone I have no paper qualifications in gardening but have read and absorbed so many publications, seen so many TV gardening programmes and got ideas and tips from professional gardeners up and down the country that it was a natural progression to set up this website which, hopefully, will be helpful to many others.


One myth I would like to dispel is that "growing your own" is dirt cheap because done properly it isn't, though the larger your plot the cheaper it becomes because you can probably use all that packet of 100 plus seeds instead of just 20, the other 80 of which are no use the following year. Your soil needs additives, compost and fertilisers and that costs money too, but the more compost you can make yourself will help somewhat - and you know where it came from.


Most of us grow veg for the goodness we get from wholesome, usually organic, tasty, fresh vegetables, unlike the tasteless junk you will find in your local supermarket. Everything you grow yourself tastes better!


There are always things you need: more wood for raised beds, railway sleepers if you can afford them, pots, bricks, stones etc. and all these things mount up cost wise.If you have friends who are gardeners or you have an allotment then you will find that most of them will do their utmost to help you, to exchange seeds, find that piece of second hand wood you need etc.


One way to save money is by sharing or swapping seeds - for example:  I buy "Gladiator" parsnip seeds but there are 600 seeds in a packet and what is left over is useless the following year, so I swap some for some other seeds I need or give some away to family and friends - anything but waste them.


Please note that sometimes the large seed companies will advertise a product for, "Great for the patio" or similar wording when that may well not be the case, especially with chillies. Yes, they will grow on your patio but you may not get much of a crop because it all depends on where you live!


Anyway, I hope you enjoy this site which is a never ending labour of love, and I sincerely hope you find it useful.


NB Please recycle any plastic pots or plastic packaging responsibly!