Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chilli, probably the hottest chilli in the world.


The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chilli is now seen as the hottest in the world, beating the Carolina Reaper. The Moruga has a stable tested SHU of around 2,000,000 which is unbelievably hot by anyone’s standards.

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion


Just where this competition to "breed" the world's hottest will end is anyone's guess. It's great fun but can anyone actually eat one of these and enjoy it?


This little beasty is thought to be a cross between the original Trinidad Scorpion and the Red Savina. Apparently this chilli is quite rare but we have a reasonable stock of seeds for the 2016 season and will keep everyone informed as to how easy or difficult to grow on our blog next year.


At the end of the 2016 season of course there will be masses of seeds on the market but it is quite possible that someone may have brought in something even hotter!