Bhut Jolokia White Heat


This extremely hot chilli also goes by the names of Bhut Jolokia White Heat as well as White Ghost Pepper and the fruit do actually ripen to a creamy white colour at about 8-10 cm long. There is little to no information as to the strain of this chilli as it does not get the rough pimply texture common among other Bhuts and Nagas. What it does have though is lots of heat and flavour similar to Bhut Jolokia with more of a tang of citrus.

Bhut Jolokia White Heat
Bhut Jolokia White Heat

The heat value, or SHU is as similar to the Bhut Red as makes no matter and at present (Mid January 2016) the Bhut Jolokia White is quite a rare plant which makes the seeds relatively highly sought after with a slightly higher price tag than the other Bhuts and Nagas.


One slight problem for some people with this chilli type is that it can reach 3 feet in height when fully grown, but there again, none of the Naga family are petite and bushy as I found last season with the Bhut Red which nearly reached that height.

From where does the Bhut White Jolokia originate

Most come from the Assam, Nagaland and Manipur regions of India as well as central Bangladesh.

Germination of the Bhut White Jolokia

The White Bhut Jolokia is a little tricky to germinate and grow, so we strongly recommend using an electric propagator and with lots of heat & good care it is well worth growing for those who like to try something a little different.


The fact that it is a tad tricky to germinate could well have a bearing on its scarcity as if you are not using a propagator for the White Jolokia the seeds may rot before they have a chance to germinate.