Chocolate Bhut Naga


There is little or no difference between the Red, White and Chocolate Naga plants other than the colour of the fruits they produce. They all produce fruit which is circa 1 million SHU, a heat which made them the hottest in the world until some time in 2013 when this strain was overtaken by the Carolina Reaper and the Moruga Scorpion.


The Chocolate Naga, as are the other two, is a very pretty plant which can be highly productive over the growing season IF it is started off and looked after properly.


The first thing to remember is that without spending a fortune on heating it is not possible to reproduce the growing conditions of Assam, India. That being the case you will find that your fruits (and mine) cannot attain the same SHU as those grown in India, but they are still ferociously hot!


The seeds and the inside of the fruits are so hot that we sincerely recommend you use gloves when handling them, or if no gloves are available then wash your hands several times before touching your Chocolate Bhut Nagaeyes or any other tender body parts - please believe me because I've done it!


Starting off your Chocolate Bhut Naga

Now these little chaps take ages to germinate and in the wrong conditions (too cold and wet) then they will rot before germination can take place. This is why I highly recommend using an electric propagator. If you don't have a propagator I don't believe it's worth wasting money buying these seeds or the time spent in growing them.


Put some good quality, fine and damp compost in a seed tray to a depth of 15 mm. Pop your seeds in there and cover with no more than 5 mm of the same.


Put the whole lot into your propagator and you should have results within about 2 weeks but check on them every couple of days to make sure they are damp but not soaking wet - that is very important.


When they germinate you can treat them like any other chilli so long as you keep them warm.